The iPhone Antenna Song

There’s an awful lot of hoopla
around the iPhone antenna
When you grip it with the ”death grip”
and you’re call slips away…

The media loves a failure
in a string of successes
the facts won’t ever matter
if they can make bigger messes

Sure I can make it happen
but in terms of daily usage
I’ve yet to drop a call
so this whole damn thing is stupid

And you can call me a fanboy
I’ve been called worse things
but Gizmodo is ridiculous
pulling their anti-Apple strings

So you bought a stolen prototype
get over it and move on
Hey! I’ve got an idea
let’s all sing this song:

f you don’t want an iPhone 4 – don’t by it
If you bought one and you don’t like it – bring it back

Bring it back to the Apple store… but you know you won’t…
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